The 4th FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2020

Tau-Jetisu, Kazakhstan, 30 May - 7 June

Pilots that are also team leaders, please use this form.

For team leaders only!
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For NAC only!
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Entry fee

300 Euros per pilot, 250 Euros per team leader/assistants.

Pilots Number

The maximum nuber of pilots in the championship is 130


The maximum number of pilots that may be entered by a NAC is 15.

national team

The maximum number of pilots constituting a national team is 7 total and 5 of one gender.

Competition will be held from 30th May to 7th June 2020 at Tau-Jetisu, Kazakhstan


First allocation done!

Dear Pilots! We have done our first allocation. Please check your current status at our Registered Pilots list.

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First allocation is done! Please check "Pilots list" for your current status!


Tau Jetisu Hotel

For accomodation recommended the Tau-Jetisu Premium Hotel.

There will be plenty of choices of homestays near landing zone or in Taldykourgan city.

Please contact us for more info




Headquarter will be situated on the landing zone in local Yourtas.

Also there will be some tents with administration stuff right near the target.

All info about competiotions will be on headquarter's boards and online

Landing zone


Landing zone is right under the mountain, where Tau Jetisu hotel is situated.

Everyday will be organized transportation to the take-off and hotel itself.

Meet Our Team

Igor Virshki

Event Director

Riikka Vilkuna

FAI Steward

Rustam Ababakirov

Meet Director

Aiganym Nurmukhambetova

Head Administration

And many many other people, who makes this event professional, fair and fun!

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